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Care and Maintenance

Cleaning the Glass

Glass can easily be scratched and therefore we recommend that hand jewellery is removed prior to cleaning. Any proprietary glass cleaner may be used with a soft cloth and heavy external grime can be initially removed with a solution of soap and water.

Cleaning the Frames

Frames can be cleaned with a soap and water solution every four months to remove grime and atmospheric deposits. If necessary a non abrasive proprietary cleaner such as a cream (suitable for plastics) can be used to remove any stubborn blemishes. Note: Avoid all solvent based, ammonia based or abrasive cleaners.


For lubrication of handles, locks and hinges etc. use a light machine oil e.g. '3 in 1' or 'WD40' for moving parts. Take care when using handles that hand jewellery does not damage the finish.


By following these simple guidelines you will enjoy many years of trouble free use of your new windows and doors.

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